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We are looking forward to fishing with you and showing you the great beauty and fishing that Alaska and Kodiak Island have to offer!

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Kodiak Island Duck Hunting


Enjoy World Famous Kodiak Sea Duck Hunting

Kodiak Island should be on every waterfowler’s bucket list for a destination hunt. Whether you are trying to mark a few birds off your list, looking for the perfect bird to mount, looking for a scenic place to hunt ducks, or all the above, Kodiak Island is the answer. We start duck hunting in November and run until the end of January. We try to book our full waterfowl groups in December and January to insure the best hunting. The farther into the season we go, the better the hunting gets, and the better the bird’s plumage becomes.

In our area we target multiple different species including:

  • Harlequin
  • Longtail (Old Squaw)
  • Surf Scoter
  • Common Scoter
  • White Wing Scoter
  • Barrow’s Goldeneye
  • Common Goldeneye
  • Greater/Lesser Scaup
  • Common Merganser
  • Red Breasted Merganser
  • Bufflehead
  • Common/King Eider (rare)
  • Miscellaneous Puddle Ducks

These birds can help you get closer to finishing your North American Waterfowl slam and provide some of the best taxidermy mounts you’ve ever seen. Not to mention the beautiful and breath-taking scenery you’ll encounter on your hunt with us. Kodiak Island’s landscape and wildlife never disappoints. Along with multiple different waterfowl species, you can see Kodiak brown bears, Sitka Blacktail deer, Fox, Orcas, Fin whales and America’s favorite bird, the Bald Eagle. There will never be a dull moment on your hunt of a lifetime.


Hunting Hunting

The Hunt


The weather and tides predict what and where we hunt from day to day. We are one of the only lodges that offer 6 full days of hunting, mainly because weather can throw a wrench in our plan and keep us from hunting where we want to hunt.

On a good weather day with the right tide, we will ask the clients what species they would like to target for that day. Doing this makes collecting birds easy and organized.

Hunting Depending on the species we go after that day, we will either be hunting off of a rocky shoreline with a chase boat picking up downed birds or hunting out of our new 25 foot Bankes duck boat. All our hunting is done over top of the line, detailed, and species-specific decoys rigged on long lines. Shots are usually within 30 yards and your guide will call out prime drakes as they come into the decoy spread, so there is no doubt that you are taking the best bird possible. Our guide is there to make sure you have the best time possible and to keep everyone safe. Weather can be unpredictable, which is normal for Alaska. Some days can be around 40 degrees, while others can be in the single digits. Please come prepared for the worst.

What to Expect

Your group of up to 4 people will fly into Larsen Bay on a Saturday and then leave the following Saturday.

Every morning before we depart for hunting, you’ll sit down and eat a gourmet breakfast, so you have plenty of energy for the day. Lunch will be provided and taken with you on the boat, which includes sandwiches, chips, candy bars, jerky and lot of other goodies.

We will leave the dock a little before first light and make our way to our first hunting spot. Throughout the day, we might move to other locations to try and target different birds or just get in a better flight path.

After a full day of chasing birds, we’ll head back to the lodge where you can get warm, dry out, and relax while we fix dinner and take care of your birds. The guide will make sure to take great care of your trophy and prepare it for the trip home to the taxidermist.

After a filling dinner, you retire out in your personal cabin and get ready for the next adventure filled day.

Kodiak Island Sea Duck Gear List:

  • Insulated boots (hip boots or waders will also work but not necessary)
  • Merino wool socks
  • Merino wool/synthetic underwear Long underwear
  • Merino wool base layer shirt
  • Merino wool/synthetic wool sweatshirt
  • Water resistant pants
  • Water resistant jacket
  • Gore-tex rain pants
  • Gore-tex rain jacket
  • Synthetic down (puffy) jacket
  • Synthetic down (puffy) pants
  • Headlamp Beenie
  • Regular Hat
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Warm gloves
  • Warm facemask or neck gaiter
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof bag or backpack for gear
  • House shoes or slippers
  • Reliable shotgun
  • Gun cleaning oil
  • Shotgun shells: 3” or 3 ½” 2,1, or BB shot (we do have a few boxes of shells here at the lodge that are available for purchase)
  • License/stamps:

  • Small game license or regular hunting license
  • Federal Duck Stamp
  • State Duck Stamp (must take HIP survey)

    What your guide will be wearing most days (for comparison):

  • Insulated boots
  • Schnee’s merino wool socks w/ liner socks
  • Under Armor long underwear
  • Kuiu merino wool underwear
  • Kuiu down pants
  • Carhartt insulated/waterproof bibs
  • Kuiu merino wool base layer shirt
  • Kuiu merino wool pullover
  • Helly Hansen fleece pullover
  • Kuiu down jacket
  • Kuiu insulated/waterproof jacket
  • Kuiu insulated/waterproof gloves
  • Insulated neck gaiter Beenie

6 day 7 night, Guided Hunting Trip: $4,250.00 - Prices are subject to change. Please inquire with us to see if they have.

You will arrive at the Foxtail Lodge the evening before your hunt and depart in the morning after your last day of the hunt

Price includes:

  • Guided Kodiak Duck hunting
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Snacks
  • Non Alcoholic Beverages
  • Transportation to and from the hunting areas

Price does not include:

  • Any Airfare
  • Hunting or fishing license, tags
  • Gratuity

Hunting Fees 2024:

  • Small game hunting license: $60.00
  • Federal Duck Stamp: $25.00
  • Non-resident Duck Stamp: $10.00

To get more information or to schedule your Kodiak Alaska duck hunting trip contact us online at or give us a call at (907) 847-2277 during the season or at (971) 219-8403 during the off season